Mantras for Dance and Active Yoga

As well as creating mantra music for relaxation and deep meditation, we have adapted some of the most popular mantras for dance and active yoga.

Rhythm, which is fundamental to life, is an essential factor in healing in traditional cultures where ecstatic dance,  rhythmic music, chanting and drumming are used to alter states of consciousness in spiritual practices

The health benefits of dance for body, mind and soul are beyond doubt.  

As well as improving cardiovascular health, flexibility, agility and co-ordination, dance is great for releasing stress, improving mood and ‘makes the heart happy’.

To combine these incredible benefits with powerful mantras enhances the dance experience into one that is divine, ecstatic and deepens the connection to the Universe.

In traditional cultures and in ancient times healers were called Shamans who used repetitive music and dance  to induce states of ecstasy. The described effects of ecstatic dance include a feeling of connection with others, indeed of “universal relatedness”, and with the dancer’s own emotions; serving as a form of meditation.

While mindfulness meditation arose in Buddhism, practices that provoke mindfulness are found in wisdom traditions around the world; such practices include rhythmic music and ecstatic dance. 


indiajiva mantras for dance and yoga practice
indiajiva mantras for dance and yoga practice

Lokah Samasta

Please enjoy an excerpt from ‘Deep Dance’, our most popular mantras  for dance and active yoga.

 Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu is a powerful peace mantra that comes with a blessing for our whole world to be established with well-being and happiness.

 Full track is now available on all streaming channel


Shiva Shambo

Mantras for dance and active yoga  – here is the powerful healing mantra, Shiva Shambo, in praise of Lord Shiva, the auspicious one.

 Full track is now available on all streaming channels


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Mantra and Meditation Music by Vicki Hansen and Ron Ragel, IndiaJiva

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