IndiaJiva means the “soul of India”.

Multi-instrumentalists and composers Ron Ragel and Vicki Hansen have carved  a niche for themselves in the field of world fusion mantra music – creating a new synthesis in sound, transporting their audiences and listeners beyond the borders of both East and West.

Their mantra music features an array of traditional and modern instruments such as sitar, lap steel guitar, keyboards, flutes, didgeridoo, guitar, bass, percussion and vocals.

IndiaJiva’s mantra music appeals so deeply because despite its contemporary feel, it still succeeds in keeping alive the meditative nuances of its’ traditional roots. One hears Indian temple chants with exquisite soaring melodies in their music, sending the listener effortlessly spinning into states of bliss.

They enjoy a devoted and passionate fan-base all around the world, in countries such as India, the USA, Europe, Canada and South America.  They have have released over 18 mantra and meditation music albums internationally as well as workbooks on yoga, sound and spirituality as well as sacred art.

IndiaJiva Mantra Music with Vicki Hansen and Ron Ragel
Mantra and Meditation Music by Vicki Hansen and Ron Ragel, IndiaJiva

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